The House Next Door

Ever wondered what your neighbour’s house sold for? Curious about what the  house across the street fetched when it last went up for sale? Wonder no more.

With a few simple steps you have easy access to not just the last sale price  and  assessment value for your house, but for any other house you’re curious about! You can even look up how many bedrooms and bathrooms your boss has. More detailed information is also available; such as the current assessed value, the last sale price, current taxes, the year the home was built, lot size,  square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms!

This information is a very important tool used by real estate agents to perform a CMA, (Comparative Market Analysis) of your property to evaluate the value of your property and more importantly, the maximum amount of profit you can expect to receive on the sale of your home!


This data not only gives you the information to get the most return for the value of your home, but it also provides homeowners the tools needed to gauge their current MPAC assessment values to determine the accuracy of their tax calculations. So if after checking out your neighbours and you thinkyour home  has been over-assessed, you may decide to request an appeal. Who knows? A little curiosity could pay off with a much lower tax bill.

Fill in the form below and be on your way to becoming an informed Seller!

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